There’s Wine in Astoria. Experience a trail of Oregon Wines through the state’s oldest city during the whole month of May. 

Throughout its 211 years, Astoria has been known for everything from fur trading to fish canning. Perched on the hill at the mouth of the great Columbia River, all things pass through Astoria. Once it was beaver skins, Spanish galleons full of beeswax and old growth timber; now salmon, container ships full of corn, soy or wheat, cruise ships, beer, and wine. 

In and out, down the river and up the river, the continuous traffic of valuable goods and delicious beverages are evidence of Astoria’s continued function as a port of Oregon culture. 


If you come to Astoria during the month of May to celebrate Oregon Wine Month, you’ll experience the best that our state has to offer. Come sip your way through a curated Tasting Trail of Oregon Wine. From east to west – from Pier 39 to the top of 8th Street – we’ve laid out a rich and curious path for the adventurous drinker. Some of Oregon’s finest, brightest wines will be pouring by the glass at eight of Astoria’s best shops, markets, restaurants and pubs. 

Get a glass of Montinore Vivace right off Commercial. Then stop around the corner for a rich and refreshing Pinot Blanc from Apolloni. 

Some of Oregon’s best wine growing regions are less than two hours from the coast and wine sellers here have their thumb on the pulse of Oregon wine. On the Astoria Wine Trail you’ll find delicate reds and crisp, structured whites, legacy vineyards and wines from exciting new winemakers.


There’s wine for you in Astoria, whether you’re a long-time fan of Oregon wines or new to this region. 

Walk, drive, bike, jog – visit one a day or stop into all of Astoria’s best spots for wine over the course of a weekend. 

Visit any participating location to pick up a flight map with notes on featured wines then chart your course through the city. 

Wine is pouring in Astoria

Montinore Vivace

King Estate Rosé

Apolloni Pinot Blanc

Kramer Pinot Noir

Stoller Swing Rosé Spritz

Chehalem INOX Chardonnay

Archery Summit Vireton Pinot Gris

La Randonnée Sauvignon Blanc